About us

Holmia Bulk Shipping AB, established 2012, is a joint venture between Lars Jonsson Trading AB and Brodin Shipping AB. The companies have been working very closely together since 2001, with equal stakes in the shipping ventures. Earlier, larger tonnage was dealt with in the name of Brodin and the smaller in the name of Jonsson.

The goal is always to enter and maintain long and mutually beneficial business relationships and thereby enabling a build-up of regular trading patterns.

The companyís main trading area is coastal shipping in northern Europe

If any further queries, please donít hesitate to contact us.
Recent time charters and operated vessels:
m/v Susanne
4200 dwt
Esmeralda, Germany
m/v Amurdiep
4200 dwt
MTL, Germany
m/v Nemuna
4150 dwt
Boese Berederung, Germany
m/v Unistar
4500 dwt
UMS Ltd, Riga, Latvia
m/v Isidor
4250 dwt
CargoHunters, Estonia
m/v Marstal
4900 dwt
Briese Schiffahrt, Germany
m/v Kollund
4200 dwt
Briese Schiffahrt, Germany
m/v Vingaren
4750 dwt
Sf/p Ackaren, Faeroe Islands
m/v Naos
4200 dwt
Rumb Shipping Ltd,
Antigua and Barbuda
m/v Alsterdiep
4200 dwt
Mastermind Shipmanagement,
m/v Karion
4100 dwt
Karion Shipping Ltd,
Antigua and Barbuda
m/v Griftbor
4100 dwt
Course Shipping Ltd,
Antiqua and Barbuda

Working all major Charterers on both COA and spot market basis
P & I Club
Norwegian Hull Club
Bunker suppliers
Working all majors
Bunker brokers
Scanocean / IBT

     m/v Amurdiep 4200 dwt